Be nice to your trees


Picture of SteveSteve Wortinger has been deeply involved with nature since he could walk. Born in rural northern Indiana, the son of a soy bean farmer, his hands are no stranger to dirt. In the early 1970’s Steve attended landscape design and construction school in the San Francisco Bay area. After graduation he spent over 30 years in horticulture in one form or another.

Lots of planting, maintaining and general care, Steve soon became a true professional in the green industry. A turf grass specialist, composting consultant and fertilizer manufacturing soon led to Master Gardener and then to Certified Arborist. Steve has also held a WA State pesticide license. Add all this experience up and you have an outstanding Certified Arborist who truly cares about the trees and plants he see’s getting abused and neglected. And almost instinctively knows what needs to be done.

“It’s not that hard to be nice to your trees” Steve says. “I can always find ways to keep the costs of tree work to a minimum.”


- Specializing in Holistic Plant Health Care