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RESTORR Plant & Soil Food

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You will find success in your gardening like never before! This unique blend of the finest materials available guarantee the healthiest trees, shrubs, lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens and farms.

Water soluble powder in a reusable container contains the perfect mix of nature’s diet.

The main purpose of RESTORR fertilizer is to boost a Tree’s or plant’s immune system.

Contains: Sea Kelp Extract, Humic and Fulvic Acids, Non-GMO plant derived Amino Acids along with Mycorrhizae Probiotics.

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About Plant Health and RESTORR

Trees and other plants are just like us in many ways; our immune system lives in our digestive track, our ability to fend off sickness and disease depends on it. Trees’ and plants’ immune systems are the same–alive and in the digestive system, but where is a tree’s digestive system?

In our stomachs live millions of microbes; bacteria and fungus break down the foods we eat into nutrients we can absorb–amino acids.

Tree with roots into soilThe soil under a tree or plant is its stomach–roots are like intestines, organic material like leafs and twigs fall to the ground as food. Most trees and plants have no teeth to start chewing up the food so they rely on soil microbes, bacteria and fungi.

With our immune system if we have “missing” bacteria and fungi in our digestive system we have problems and our immune system cannot function properly; someone sneezes and we are sick. If the soil under trees and plants are “missing” bacteria and fungi, their digestive systems have problems breaking down the food; a plant disease flies in on the wind and the tree or plant gets “sick”.

Feed the soil good organic amino acids and add some beneficial fungi, and the soil will begin to heal and repopulate with needed bacteria and fungi. Continued use of RESTORR Plant & Soil Food maintains the success of trees’ and plants’ immune systems leading to proven results.

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