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Steve specializes in providing a full range of tree consulting, general tree services and Certified Arborist services for Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor and the surrounding Olympic Peninsula.

General Tree Services

  • Proper pruning
  • Wind resistance thinning
  • Organic spraying and feeding
  • Tree removal and replacement
  • Stump grinding

Tree Health Assessments

Trees and plants age and develop problems based on the environment they’re in. Best practice is prevention by feeding and maintaining your trees and plants before a problem arises. If the problem is already present, Steve makes a visual inspection which may include using binoculars or hand held microscope. In rare cases where the problem needs further investigation, a leaf or soil sample is sent for lab testing.

Tree Risk Assessments

Steve has extensive experience determining and rating the possibility of a tree becoming dangerous to life or property. With a tree risk assessment you’ll get thoughtful and timely recommendations on how to approach problem trees.


Get to know your trees by spending some time with Steve walking around your property. As an ISA Certified Arborist, and a person that’s highly in tune with plants, Steve can provide valuable recommendations.

If you’ve just bought a house and would like to get a better idea of what your trees need and how to care for them, Steve can provide consulting to help you feel safe about your investment. It’s better to establish a solid game plan early on, rather than wait until problems start to appear.

Arborist Reports

This is a written report to be shared with another property owner or the city building department. Steve assists by spelling out the situation of a specific tree or trees that may be of concern. One example of a need for this kind of report is when there is an absent property owner with a hazardous tree leaning toward your house. An Arborist Report places legal responsibility on the property owner where the hazardous tree is located.

Pre-Construction Consulting & Tree Protection Zones

When planning a remodel or new construction, the trees in the area are often overlooked. Problems then spring up later when it’s found that construction had a negative impact on plant life.

It’s possible to create a solid plan to minimize or eliminate risk to your trees. With Pre-Construction Consulting from Steve, you can safely establish which trees need to be saved, as well as which ones can be removed. By creating Tree Protection Zones (TPZs) and clearly marking them, contractors will be accountable−and fined if they violate a TPZ.

Eco Remediation

Contaminated soils can be cleaned using microbes and plants. Steve handles eco remediation using all-organic approaches that work within the harmony of nature. At the same time, these methods are very cost-effective.

If you’re switching to organic landscape and garden products, best results are obtained by doing soil remediation in the beginning. Restoring soil to optimal conditions is important when chemical fertilizers and other synthetic methods have been used in the past.

Spilled oil or chemicals as well can be remediated or cleaned up with little or no disruption of the grounds.

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